The brand WIFI

From the outset it was clear to those in charge at WIFI that education is a market and economic sector per se. Communication and self-image have consciously been pushed towards focusing on the customer. The WIFI brand was established consistently, mostly via a standard advertising image. The courses were actively promoted and the annual WIFI course book was structured clearly and in a client-friendly manner. WIFI now enjoys a high degree of awareness (87 percent) and an annual turnover of EUR 125 million.

WIFI goes international: 21st century

Today education and the imparting of knowledge are forms of capital that are successfully being exported abroad. WIFI has gradually become active in the neighboring countries of Central and Eastern Europe such as Hungary, Poland and Croatia. In these countries WIFI offers management courses, partially in a franchise system and in this way supports Austrian enterprises expanding into these countries. With a market share of 20 percent, the WIFIs (Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitute) are the largest occupational education and further training institutes in Austria. About 290 000 participants attend roughly 25 200 courses a year. 11 000 trainers from business community work for the WIFIs in Austria, and not only.

Enterprises: knowledge, as a factor of competition

More and more enterprises are recognizing that knowledge and know-how are crucial competitive factors. The fast will not overtake the slow but rather the knowledgeable the ignorant.Customized, tailor-made further education measures such as the WIFI in-house training courses ensure the enterprises that there is no wasted coverage.

e-Learning or face-to-face learning?

The benefits of learning the new way are obvious: “eLearning can ensue anywhere, anytime, and is independent, time-flexible." With “micro Learning”, knowledge is being imparted in small bites so that participants do not become overloaded and are able to absorb what they have learned quickly and deeply.The current trend of course demands lies in the fields of health-care, foreign languages, engineering as well as business economics. Job-related certificates in all sectors (tourism, trade, industry) are in great demand too, as are seminars on personality development.



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